This site is now obsolete. You can look around if you want to, but I'm beginning the process of re-directing the links to the new "Tarot by Duck Soup" website, which lives, appropriately enough, at www.tarotbyducksoup.com and offers a much more unified and professional browsing experience. Hope you like it!

-- Thorn

One of the things that I was able to hang onto from my mother's vast collection of Folk Art, Toys, Antiques, Dianeyana, Memorabilia and everything else that interested her was was a small deck of cards — a children’s game from the turn of the century, based on a series of books by Florence K. Upton about a family of living toys. The adventures were centered around a Gollywogg (a popular doll character at that time) and two Dutch dolls — crude stick dolls.

The original game deck contains 48 unique cards, and is a card matching game similar to Old Maid.

Duck Soup Productions now offers two different versions of this deck: an historical version faithfully reproducing the original game, and a wholly new deck based on the original but created for an entirely different audience: welcome to THE GOLLIWOGG ORACLE, where childhood toys reveal the great mysteries of life!

Mr. Golliwogg is intuitive, emotional, and insightful, and the wonderfully expressive original images lend themselves well to the needs of an oracle deck. In the uncropped examples below, the original card is on the left, and the new Oracle Deck version is on the right.

The cards have been scanned at high resolution, and restored to their original brightness, but foxing and discolorations on the original cards have been left intact so that the deck can retain its vintage flavour.

The Golliwogg Oracle & The Golli Oracle are ™ and © 2015 Duck Soup Productions.