Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Florence K. Upton's

Our purpose is to enlighten, never to offend.

However, these decks do contain images that may
be considered racially and ethnically offensive by today's standards.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Timeless, Charming, Accurate Oracle Deck -- and the Game it is Based Upon

An Oracle from Out of The Past, For The Future,

Based on a series of Victorian-era children's books by Florence K. Upton, and more specifically upon a child's card game derived from the books, The Golli Oracle is an all-new "vintage" Oracle deck starring the beloved and classic Mister Golli and his friends the Dutch Dolls. 

This Oracle deck is not based on the Tarot or Lenormand systems of divination, but is a casual and light-hearted system of its own. In the spirit of child's play there are no specific "rules and regulations" to follow when laying them out for a reading.

Vintage children's toys reveal the Great Mysteries of Life: This is truly a unique deck.

70 oracle cards and a 4-page pamphlet
featuring "Golli History" and sample spreads.
Every card features a vintage image by Florence K. Upton,
paired with a "keyword" to guide you in readings.

Don't forget your matching Golli Oracle Bag!

Friday, March 21, 2014


This classic children's card game has been out of print
and unavailable for over a hundred years.

Now it's back: with 48 charmingly illustrated Victorian-age cards, and a reproduction of the original 4-page instruction booklet.

Original Vintage Deck on the left, New Reproduction Deck on the right. Click to Enlarge.

The card stock on the new version is slightly thinner than that of the original, making for a more trim modern deck... also, the new version comes in a tuck box, while the original came in a heavier slipcase box. In every other way, the new version is as close to the original as modern technology can make it.


Complete sets of cards to win the game.